Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem has the same meaning as Seize the day, which means you aren’t worried about the future for a while, but you enjoy the present moment, indeed.

I actually had heard about Carpe Diem a lot of times when I was in high school, but I didn’t know what was the meaning at the time. My friend used to say it, though. What makes this phrase so special to me is the simple meaning of it.

As we know that thinking too much about future can lead us to the kind of stressful and insecure feelings. Yeah, I do experience this thing frequently even almost every day. And I feel really sick with that.

Fortunately, after published my story titled Belajar Menikmati Hal Kecil  (Learn to enjoy the little things), I admit that my problem of over-thinking about future has reduced little by little. Despite, it doesn’t fully fix my problem, at least I feel better now.

Moreover, I find the guy named Sam Kolder who really has inspired me with his story or the things he has been doing. You can watch the short video below, it’s about what he had done in 2016.

Have you watched it? So, how was it? It must be cool, right? Oh, in addition, he has just turned 19 this year. The annoying part is that he is younger than me, but he has done a lot of things and also visited many places around the world. As he put a message in the last minutes of his video which sounds like this:

“Live every day as if it was your last”

The message actually is not his original quote. But it belongs to my favorite person, Steve Jobs. I think the quote has the relevant meaning with Carpe Diem. I do like the words. That’s why I include it.

 So, that’s it. Carpe Diem!


      1. I do love the simple life. A life that makes me walk free, without pretending to be ‘not ourselves’ in the future. Carpe Diem is an art to live for today, and, by caring each other. A selflessness life.

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  1. Aaah i just know the meaning of Carpe Diem by reading your explanation. Thank you. I was hearing this phrase so many time, but i’m too lazy to search the meaning.

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  2. Ya, as your though. I like it. So carpe diem is kinda gratefull in every little things and at the same time put the totality to our best.
    *sorry for my terrible english 😅😅

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  3. Pertama tau istilah ini waktu nonton Dead Poets Society dan artinya langsung terngiang-ngiang di kepala abis bagus hehe. Btw, salam kenal ya!

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  4. Carpe Diem, I heard this words a long time ago, but just past my ears without meaning. I bet, maybe because it sounds like ‘Roman’ language. Am I right?
    I absolutely agree with this post, live in the present!, Many people live with anxiety disorder caused by their inability to live in the present moment.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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  5. “carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero”
    I remember some years ago when I did Latin and my teacher was quoting Horatius words above.. I was rise my eyebrow because of confusion (What a hell he is talking about???) I have no idea about it and then he explained to us very well in Bahasa Indonesia and I try to figure it out in English is like this “pluck the day, trusting as little as possible in the future’ or in Sam Kolder’s words in his video above might be true that “Live every day as if it was your last”
    It is the same as writing Yoris,
    “Write as if it was your last” Honestly I have been said this somewhere in one of my social media that “I am writing as I will die soon”

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      1. Wow great.. I have been spent my holiday in Makasar a couple of years ago..
        I am studying in University of Divinity Melbourne – Australia. Did you originally from Sulawesi?


      2. Awesome, It must be nice there.
        Yes, I was. I grew up in Toraja, then moved to Makassar to study in Univ.
        So, Where do you live when you are in Indonesia? Do you have any social media? Instagram maybe?


  6. One of the awesome things about living in this era of technology is that so many younger people can share their wonderful ideas and talents with the world.

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