Zombie vs Indonesian Ghost

I always love to watch zombie movies. Why? because this ‘zombie’ is the only thing that makes sense to me than any other horror creatures. There are many reasons why zombie can be a real thing that exist in this world. We can say a deadly virus infects human body and makes its brain dysfunctions or some crazy people in a lab try to awake a dead body, instead, they create a walking dead (this one has the similar story of how Dr. Frankenstein created his horror creature).

Compare it with Indonesian ghosts such as ‘Pocong’, ‘Tuyul’, ‘Kuntilanak’, you name it. I don’t even know why these stupid things existed in people’s head. And why should we be afraid of them? You may say that Kuntilanak’s laugh is frightening. You know, my neighbor’s voice is worse than that. You may say that Pocong is scary. To me, it is like a lollipop (have you eaten Milkita? ), and how about Tuyul? Oh man, listen to me. You (men) go standing in front of a mirror, then shave your hair until nothing’s left on your head, next open your clothes and see closely how you look like? (if you don’t mind, send me your picture lol).

You know, everything about Indonesian ghosts is bullshit. So, please people, get rid of this ridiculous thing from your head and be more rational this time. I’m so grateful that I’m majoring in math because I can be more rational about this stupid thing. Despite, I had bad grades most of the subjects.

I don’t remember when was the last time I watched Indonesian horror movies. But I remember there was a movie titled ‘Pocong vs kuntilanak’.  To me, It is like ‘a lollipop vs my neighbor’. It’s non-sense, people!!!

Oh my gosh, I am done with this.


  1. 😂 yeah, gosh, kind of ridiculous, but interesting in some way. Not in unrealistic name and existance, but interesting in how they all can be famous

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  2. Pocong, Kuntilanak, Tuyul are the representation of our culture. I do not have any capacities to explain it more, but I do believe that they are some kind of ‘language’ that bond our society in some kind of understanding state.

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  3. Aku nggak pernah suka nonton film horor. Baik itu milik indonesia atau negeri lain, keduanya sama-sama nggak enak buat disimak. And with my point of view, zombie jauh lebih nggak nyenengin karena mereka itu jorok, makan isi kepala orang, pokoknya ergh. That kind of disgusting come from the maze of runner yang bikin aku mikir : buat apa sih ada orang yang niat nyebarin virus sejorok itu.
    Tapi, itu cuma opini aku tentang zombie sih dan aku juga nggak tertarik sama film horor indonesia yang udah kayak lapak kfc.
    Ngomong-ngomong tentang kuntilanak, aku setuju lho kalau orang di sekitar kita bisa lebih nakutin (ga cuma tetanggamu ya heheh).

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    1. Everyone has different taste, right? For me, zombie is not that bad, apalagi kalau dikemas dengan plot yang menarik kayak The Walking Dead. Kalau yg jijian liat organ tubuh kyknya emang ga cocok nonton film zombie.
      Sama, saya juga gak suka nonton horror indo. Banyak yg gak jelas soalnya. haha

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  4. Satu hal yang bisa ditebak dari film horror Indonesia adalah, pasti pemerannya akan tampil seksi dan terkesan vulgar.. one reason that I don’t really like to watch them is there is no point of calling them as a horror movie as the only thing you see in the movie is sexy girls lol..
    ah ah by the way, agreed with you about that zombie thingy and even if you see zombies are everywhere in the walking dead movie yet they have a less sexy figure to show

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    1. Kalau kata teman blogger di atas, film horror Indo uda kayak lapak KFC. haha,
      Walking dead memang the best lah buat film zombie. 👍
      Do you have a suggestion for zombie movie?


      1. Oh thank you, I got another weird creature. Haha
        But I remember this monster. I often watched it in ‘Ultramen’ movies when I was a kid. Did you know that? A japanese hero fiction? Looks like I have sent you back to 90’s, though. 😀

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