Practicing new routine

I am a fan of My Morning Routine where experts from all over the world share their routine on a daily basis. Most of whom I find here are particularly awesome people, or I can say they are successful people such as the CEO, Writer, Yoga trainer, Barista, Teacher, Photographer, et cetera. I also find my favorite writer here, Chris Guillebeau.

Two weeks ago, I decided to set up my own routine and added a couple of new things that I’ve never tried before. It has been just two weeks, but I find out this new routine really helped me to stay focused and sharp a whole day. It’s not easy at first, but after a few days, I began to get used to it.

Moreover, among of my routines, I have one activity that I really like, as well as reading books, which is Meditation. So, what is meditation? I have read some articles about this and it leads to a simple definition, which means a practice to clear our mind in order to reduce stress and gain relaxed condition. Actually, this activity is familiar and popular around the world. But, not many people like to do it because they think it’s boring and a wasting time. Despite that, I personally experience the many benefits after doing this meditation.

The execution is also simple. You don’t have to own or buy fancy stuff to do it. What you need is just a quite place. Also, it will be much easier and fun if you add an application to accompany you during meditation. In this case, I am using an app called Calm. I think the features are pretty cool and most importantly it’s free.

Oh, I almost forget, the best part about meditation is that you can control your breathing properly after a couple of trials. So, whenever I feel anxious or worried about something, I will take a deep breath and release it slowly. Trust me, It will give you the sense of calmness. You can try it right now if you want!

Thank you for your time!


    1. Lazy is a classic reason, dude. haha
      Actually, meditation doesn’t take much time. Ideally, 5 – 15 minutes is recommended by experts. It’s not that hard to give a chance, right? 😁


  1. your post really inspires me to do Morning Routine as well..
    I don’t really do meditation but i kinda do some breathing exercise that helps us to breath easily and it also cleans our blood from toxic.
    I think i’m going to use the apps that you mentioned before, so thank you for sharing your experience.

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